Membership is vital to the growth of an organization. It is the members and supporters that keep our organization prospering so that we can reach the needs of the people we fight for every day. Whether it is attending a protest, rally or demonstration, or volunteering an hour of your time in one of our offices or events, it is you that keeps AFARS moving and developing – and we appreciate your interest and commitment in our fight to pursue equality and justice.​

Membership of  AFARS

a) Individual Membership: Membership is open to Africans, and people of African descent who are 18 years old and above including naturalized citizens of any African country. It is also open to people who are interested in the fight against racism and discrimination in Finland. Individuals may apply for membership by completing a membership form (in print or by electronic means) and shall pay a membership subscription fee of 10 euros or as may be regulated by the Executive Committee from time to time.

b) Associate/Institutional Membership: Associate/Institutional membership fee shall be 20 euros annually, or as the Executive Committee may regulate from time to time.

All AFARS members shall enjoy equal rights and equal duties, including the right to vote and to be elected to the executive office. The members pledge themselves to actively participate in the activities of the organization for the furtherance of the organization’s vision and objectives including the observance of the principles enumerated in the organization’s charter.

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