• Personal fulfilment through service to the community and the individuals therein.
  • You engage in dialogue on the kind of change the world desires.
  • You get opportunities to cultivate and develop your anti racism activism skills
  • Networking and partnerships with activists, NGOs, and community organizers.
  • We provide forums for cultural exchange, education, and interaction
  • You are awarded the AFARS volunteers certificate of excellence and recognition.

For one to be a volunteer for AFARS they should:

  • Have a keen interest in working to fight racism, afrophobia, anti- blackness, and institutional and structural discrimination in Finland
  • Be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures of AFARS
  • Be dependable and consistent in AFARS commitments
  • Attend mentor training sessions as prescribed
  • Be willing to communicate regularly with AFARS staff
  • Be a law-abiding citizen and upholding the values, mission and principles of AFARS

Register as a Volunteer: https://forms.gle/dPk1u7SVKUL9ekmv8