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We recognize the need for a people-driven process of creating a fairer, more just, and equitable society in Finland.

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Vision and Mission

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Purpose /Objectives


“African Anti-Racism Society Finland (AFARS) ry is a non-governmental organization founded in 2020 by a group of African activists and community organizers in Helsinki. AFARS inception stems from the massive black lives matter protest that erupted globally in the summer of 2020…”

We were inspired and called to action by the death of George Floyd and global police brutality targeting Africans and people of African descent to speak up about the same daily problems of racism, police brutality, and institutional discrimination targeting the Sub-Sahara African community in Finland. AFARS was formed to organize a solidarity demonstration on the death of George Floyd at the Helsinki Police Station and to establish a platform for anti-racism led by Sub-Sahara Africans. It was a call to action as we saw that the lived experience of racism by Africans and people of African descent in Finland is a voice that is needed at the table in the conversation about racism in Finland. As Finland and the world is changing with more diversity and representation in all sectors in Finnish society, it is more relevant now that we have some representation of the voices of Africans living in Finland. Also, we believe that more platforms and voices speaking against racism will help victims cope with the problem and may lead to the eradication of racism. 

In Finland, Africans and people of African descent face racism from other peoples of color. In platforms where they speak about racism, Africans are often excluded by those groups led by other peoples of colour due to their own racism towards Sub-Sahara Africans. So, we think that we will be doing a disservice to ourselves if we don’t create our own platform and a place where we Africans and people of African descent can share their own perspective and lived experience of racism in Finland and proffer solutions to the menace. readmore

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Individual Membership: Membership is open to Africans, and people of African descent who are 18 years old and above including naturalized citizens of any African country. It is also open to people who are interested in the fight against racism and discrimination in Finland. Individuals may apply for membership by completing a membership form (in print or by electronic means) and shall pay a membership subscription fee of 10 euros or as may be regulated by the Executive Committee from time to time. readmore